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Most people have had some form of help in their life, especially in their studies. Private tutoring is a step that many children and young adults need to take in order to fully grasp a subject. Early education mastery affects future schooling choices and confidence. Our tutoring service can help your child excel in the future. The professional staff at Ms. Karen's A+ Tutoring Center, LLC will help guide students in multiple different subjects while catering to each child’s needs. Each program is designed specifically for each student and stresses progress over time for long-term retention. We offer help if you're getting ready for those end of the year exams like regents at SAT prep. We only want to take the edge off and help students learn to prepare them for the future. You can get more information on our one on one tutoring service or other educational options by contacting us at Ms. Karen's A+ Tutoring Center, LLC, in Long Island City, NY.


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Private Tutoring

It is easy for students to fall through the cracks in a crowded classroom. Many students can use the additional help of private tutoring. Because tutoring is done on a one-on-one basis, it is easier for the teacher to help the student in the area in which he or she is struggling in. Even if the student is excelling fine, our help will ensure that the workload and stress level remains at a comfortable rate. We are ready to answer questions and get the student involved and prepared for their education. Our guarantee is for your child to succeed and master their current struggling subject. Private tutoring is useful for cases where the student is falling behind of his or her peers. A math or literacy tutor can help the student catch up on these subjects by creating learning strategy plans based on the individual needs, giving the student the advantage to outperform his or her peers. Those searching for a quality tutoring service company can contact us at Ms. Karen's A+ Tutoring Center, LLC in Long Island City, NY.

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SAT Prep

College entrance exams are critical to a student’s future. With such an integral test, there are plenty of questions. What determines a good vs. a great score? Which ones does my child take? When is the right time to take these tests? With our tutoring service take care of these questions easily. You may also want to look into our college essay coaching and test preparation. Our unique program will be sure to maximize your student’s score and get them into the school of their dreams. For SAT prep, be sure to inquire an experienced tutor, to help you get ready for those exams. To get information on our private tutoring, SAT prep or if you're in need of help in other subjects, contact Ms. Karen's A+ Tutoring Center, LLC in Long Island City, NY today. We’ll answer any questions along with offering available times for you to meet with us.

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One On One Tutoring

There is no doubt that literacy and math are fundamental subjects of our education. However, they can also be one of the hardest and most frustrating for many students but having an experienced tutor will help. Some students work and learn better alone so if your child is having trouble keeping up or understanding the subject, our academic one on one tutoring services are here to help. At Ms. Karen's A+ Tutoring Center, LLC, we can give your child the attention that he or she needs. By making the student’s learning experience interesting and exciting. We can also orient the lesson plan to better address the specific strengths and weaknesses of your child's learning style and ability. These programs are designed to ultimately get your child involved and allow them to use their academic skills to their full potential. Contact Ms. Karen's A+ Tutoring Center, LLC in Long Island City, NY today and inquire about tutoring service and what we have to offer!


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